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Bear's View

By: Danielle Cosgrove

Illustrated by: Elanie Bieldt

Would you say your outlook on life is similar to anyone in your family? How about your dog? Positioned at no more than a foot tall, Bear’s View point can be unconventional to say the least. This comical picture-book, highlights how different perceptions can be between a pet and their humans. Bear the dachshund, braves perilous situations day in and day out, all for the safeguard of his family. After all he does for them, you would think they would appreciate his “musk of victory.” Position yourself as low to the ground as you can and follow along as we understand, “Bear’s View.

This picture book is geared toward young readers, ages 4-8yrs.

Aaron's Construction

By: Danielle Cosgrove

Illustrated by: Elanie Bieldt

Aaron is good at many things, but what he excels at most is building. He dreams of working in construction when he grows up. From blocks to sand towers, Aaron is always erecting structures. Although others may doubt Aaron’s abilities, he persists. A couple of accidents leave Aaron questioning what he’s made of until his fellow classmates surprise him in a very unexpected way.  

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Meet the author

Author's Website

        Growing up I was never much into reading, nor was I an excellent student, but I always had a passion to create. Sometime in college after changing career paths, one or two times too many, I decided my calling was to help people and create change. Teaching pulled me into the world of unrestricted imagination and passion for learning. I became who I was meant to be, surrounded by five year olds. While some adults caught up on the newest murder mystery novel, I was steadily growing my children’s book library for not only my students, but myself. As time passed, I was rewarded with my own family where my love of books reflected onto my children. We spend multiple days a week at the library and always bring home more than we can carry. Most nights, my kids beg for one more book or one more chapter. Happily I submit, as I was hoping they’d ask. Down the road, I hope that my great grandchildren will be eager for one more read of my book.

Meet the Illustrator

Illustrator's Website

        Elanie Bieldt is a South African children's book illustrator and artist with a great love for creating humorous, dynamic, expressive characters.

She highly values inclusivity, and catering for children of all backgrounds through characters that are relatable, funny, uplifting, and endearing.

​The characters in her illustrations are almost aways a bit exaggerated; a bit squishy, a bit lanky, a bit disheveled, and unapologetically so.

​Although working mostly digitally, Elanie has an extensive background in traditional mediums such as acrylic, watercolours, ink, and graphite. This aids her in incorporating more organic inspired textures and colour schemes.

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